Church Revitalization

Leading With Hope to Help any Church

Course Overview

This course will provide the learner with a step-by-step path to a hope-filled future for both church leaders and churches. The course will walk through a seven-point checklist—everything from reconsidering priorities to evaluating location and facilities, and more.

Course Preview

Course Outline

The Promise of Greater Works
Defining Church Revitalization
Why Do Churches Decline?
Ten Characteristics of a Church Revitalizer
Why Church Revitalization Is Harder Now Than in the Past
The Future of Church Revitalization
The Missing Piece of Evangelism
The Positive Impact of Leading with Optimism
Introducing the Concept of a Checklist
Priorities: How Do You Discern What is Most Urgent?
Pace: How Fast Can You Lead Change?
Perspective: Are the Church’s Expectations Properly Aligned?
People: What is Your True Capacity to Move Forward?
Place: Is Your Facility Ready for Revitalization?
Purpose: What Can You Do to Shift Your Church to an Outward Focus?
Pathway: What is the Most Realistic Next Step?
Warning Signs Your Church Is Drifting
Leading Change When Nobody Wants It
Balancing the Tension of Leading Change
The Future of Church Adoptions and Church Fostering
The Next Big Movement: Neighborhood Churches
The Importance of New Member Classes
Creating a Culture of High Expectations
The Core of Church Revitalization: The Great Commandment
The Purpose of Church Revitalization: The Great Commission

Recommended Textbook

The Church Revitalization Checklist

A Hopeful and Practical Guide for Leading Your Congregation to a Brighter Tomorrow

by Sam Rainer

The Church Revitalization Checklist provides a step-by-step path to a hope-filled future for both you and your church. Popular church expert Sam Rainer will walk you and your leadership team through a seven-point checklist―everything from reconsidering your priorities to evaluating your location and facilities. It is an extremely practical tool to unleash your congregation and help them step into God’s unique purpose for them.

Course Professor

Sam Rainer

Sam Rainer serves as president of Church Answers and is a co-founder of Rainer Publishing. He is also lead pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. He writes, teaches, speaks, and consults on a variety of church health issues. Sam cohosts the popular podcasts Rainer on Leadership and

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