Ministry Training Centers


A CAU Ministry Training Center (MTC) is the strategic effort of a church, network, or denominational body to train church leaders through ministry certification through Church Answers University.


An MTC can bring the best of two contexts together. The first context is the quality educational training provided by Church Answers University. The second context is a local church with unique ministries served by unique church members in a unique community.


An MTC will consist of students who train within a common group or network. Ministry Training Centers may choose to follow a common pathway and timeline for their students as determined by the leader. Each MTC will have a unique landing page to enroll students into Church Answers University.

The Leader:

Each MTC must have a leader to serve as the point person between the MTC and Church Answers University. The leader can be a pastor, denominational worker, network director, or some other leader. Each MTC leader will receive a set of ten books from the CAU textbook collection, plus an NLT Bible as a thank you for their service as a leader.


The cost for enrollment at Ministry Training Centers will be based on the number of students who are enrolling:

  • 3-9 students = $997 per student (including textbooks)
  • 10-19 students = $897 per student (including textbooks)
  • 20 or more students = $697 per student (including textbooks)

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