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Church Answers University offers certification tracks designed specifically to develop church leaders for more effective ministry.

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What if you could access foundational ministry preparation on any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world? What if your training included free textbooks? What if a certification could be completed in 6 to 9 months?

Does it sound too good to be true? With Church Answers University, it is possible!

What certifications are available?

Today, you may choose between either the Certification in Christian Ministry or the Certification in Women’s Discipleship.
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What is included?

Your certification includes 10 courses and all textbooks, which are provided in physical or digital format depending on your region.

How does it work?

Each certification includes 8 essential ministry courses

Your specific certification track will include +2 unique courses

Your essential plus track-specific courses total 10 overall courses

8 Essential Courses

Biblical Studies (4 courses)

Understanding the Bible as a Whole

Comprehending the Big Picture of Scripture

New Testament Essentials

The Teachings of Jesus and the Early Church

Old Testament Essentials

Connecting the Themes and Stories of the Old Testament

Systematic Theology

Connecting the Dots of Doctrine in the Bible

Practical Ministry (4 courses)

Personal Evangelism

Overcoming the Difficulties of Sharing the Gospel

Launching, Leading, and Sustaining a Healthy Small Group Ministry

Contemporary Issues in the Church

Today’s Challenges and the Right Path to the Future


Leading Churches from Our Knees

+2 Track-Specific Courses


Certification in Christian Ministry

The Certification in Christian Ministry prepares students with the educational foundation needed to serve as a local church or ministry leader. Students will be equipped with relevant biblical content taught by experienced scholars and church leaders. This certification is ideal for those who want a well-rounded ministry education. 

Includes the essential courses above plus the following courses:

The Healthy Church

Course Description: This course will reveal traits that are present in healthy and revived churches. The course will further identify actions that church leaders can take to implement steps that will lead to greater health and vitality in their churches.

Accompanying BookThe Anatomy of a Revived Church by Thom S. Rainer

Professor: Thom Rainer

Church Revitalization

Course Description: This course will provide the learner with a step-by-step path to a hope-filled future for both church leaders and churches. The course will walk through a seven-point checklist—everything from reconsidering priorities to evaluating location and facilities, and more.

Accompanying BookThe Church Revitalization Checklist by Sam Rainer

Professor: Sam Rainer

Enroll today: Certification in Christian Ministry



Certification in Women’s Discipleship

The Certification in Women’s Discipleship prepares students with the education needed to effectively disciple the women of today’s Church. Students will be equipped with solid biblical teaching, as well as practical knowledge for leading women in ministry and local churches. This certification is ideal for those wanting to lead women in ministry.

Includes the essential courses above plus the following courses:

The Role of Women in Redemptive History

Course Description: This course will explore what God has accomplished through the unique talents and contributions of women of the Bible, drawing inspiration and lessons for all women in the Church today. Through character studies and personal reflection the learner will identify with a long lineage of women that God has used to impact families, communities, and workplaces for the Kingdom of God.

Accompanying BookThe Calling of Eve: How the Women of the Bible Inspire the Women of the Church by Jacki C. King

Professor: Jacki King

Women’s Discipleship

Course Description: This course will help the learner create a foundation of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how he modeled discipleship for his followers. The learner will learn how to make disciples through practical teaching on the spiritual disciplines, the community and accountability of the Church, and ways to engage in Gospel conversations. Whether a stay at home mom, ministry leader, or someone in the marketplace, the learner will be equipped to follow Jesus in personal discipleship and will learn how to develop others in their own faith journey.

Accompanying BookDisciple: How to Create a Community That Develops Passionate and Healthy Followers of Jesus by Chuck Lawless

Professor: Jacki King

Enroll today: Certification in Women’s Discipleship


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