Jesus-like Leadership in the Church

How to Lead God’s People

Course Overview

This course will explore the leadership of Jesus in the New Testament, as well as discuss models and methods of leadership that better equip learners to lead in the local church or other ministry contexts.

Course Preview

Course Outline

What is Leadership?
What is Leadership in the Church?
Learning to Follow Before You Lead
People and Leadership – Part 1
People and Leadership – Part 2
Compassionate Leadership – Part 1
Compassionate Leadership – Part 2
Leading through Teaching – Part 1
Leading through Teaching – Part 2
Developing Leaders – Part 1
Developing Leaders – Part 2
Leading in the Face of Opposition – Part 1
Leading in the Face of Opposition – Part 2
Leading with the Proper Priorities – Part 1
Leading with the Proper Priorities – Part 2
Leading When You’re Not in Charge
How Not to be a Discouraging Leader
How to be an Encouraging Leader
The Most Important Leadership Quality
How to Start Well as a Leader
How to Finish Well as a Leader
How to Stay Motivated as a Leader
How to Lead a Staff or Team

Recommended Textbook

Leading the Jesus Way

Learning to Lead from the Master

by Matt McCraw

Can you lead the way Jesus led? In Leading the Jesus Way: Learning to Lead
from the Master
, Matt McCraw takes the reader through a journey of the
New Testament Gospels to discover how today’s church leaders can lead
the Jesus way.

Course Professor

Matt McCraw

Matt McCraw is the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Bartow, Florida. Matt has served in a variety of local church roles, including student ministry, missions, and pastoral ministry. Matt has a bachelor’s degree from Boyce College and a doctorate in education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He enjoys the outdoors, reading, and spending time with his wife and kids. 

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