Understanding the Bible as a Whole

Comprehending the Big Picture of Scripture

Course Overview

This course will help the learner comprehend God’s big picture as revealed in His Word, explore the major themes of Scripture, and know quickly and easily the subject and purpose of each book of the Bible.

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Course Outline

An Introduction to the Bible as a Whole
The Bible Is One Story
For the Glory of God
The Redemptive Purpose of the Bible
How Can You Know the Bible is True?
The Origin of the Bible
Solving the Puzzle of the Bible
The Story Begins
God’s Deliverance through the Exodus
The Law and the Wanderings
Israel—From One Family, a Nation
Joshua and the Promised Land
The Dark Time of the Judges
Samuel, Saul, David, and the Kings
Solomon and the Collapse of The Kingdoms
The Psalms and How God Feels Every Human Emotion
Proverbs and Wisdom You Can Use
The Books of Prophecy and Their Purpose
The Storyteller Enters the Story
The Acts of the Holy Spirit and How the Church Goes and Grows
Romans: the Development of Church Doctrine
Paul’s Letters and Church Practice
The General Letters and Deeper Faith in Difficult Times
Revelation and the End of Days
The Big Picture of God’s Word

Recommended Textbook

Understanding the Bible as a Whole

An Accessible Book-by-Book Guide through the Scriptures

by Sam Rainer

Everything you need to grasp God’s big picture in Scripture so you can dive deeper into each book of the Bible.
Every single word in the Bible is powerful and purposeful. But too often we can be guilty of thinking that the details of God’s plan for us must be buried in obscurity somewhere in the vastness of the Bible—as if we’re missing God because we missed that tiny iota subscript in the original Greek. What if it is the opposite? What if our daily purpose, our next step tomorrow, our discernment in the moment comes from a broad understanding of God’s revelation in the Bible? When you grasp God’s Word holistically, your life begins to make more sense each and every day.

Textbook included with purchase of a certification track.

Course Professor

Sam Rainer

Sam Rainer serves as president of Church Answers and is a cofounder of Rainer Publishing. He is also lead pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. He writes, teaches, speaks, and consults on a variety of church health issues. Sam cohosts the popular podcasts Rainer on Leadership and EST.church.

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